Ukulele Love Songs

by Empty Disco

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For the last year, I’ve been planning an album.

It was going to be called First Year. It was going to be a summary of my first year at university. My best album ever. One I actually made to be the very best it could possibly be. It was going to be nine songs. They were gonna have beautiful percussion and banjo and viola and ukulele and guitar tracks. Lots of bluegrassy-harmonies. I was going to have ten different musician friends of mine listen and give me feedback. I had a list of volunteers. I was ready to make my Masterpiece.

For about a year I have had all of the songs written. Some of them recorded. Ready to be made into Perfect Art.

Look, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to do something voluntarily that was piled high with that many expectations, but I just wans’t up to my (imagined) Herculean task. So I sat and stared at it. And waited.

Life happened. I worked and played and learned. I stared at it some more. It went from a memo on my desk to a memo in my drawer to a pile of stuff in a box in the corner. One that’s been sitting there so long you stop even seeing it.

I write songs that I feel. And as I kept glancing into the corner where all of this Potential was sitting, I grew up. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am not the person who wrote these songs. I am not the person who looked at this ALMOST finished album and went— yeah, that’s me. Right there.

That album doesn’t look like me anymore. I don’t want to finish it anymore. I didn’t know what to do with the songs though. Some of them were really nice.

So fast forward to tonight about midnight. I was sitting at my laptop and thinking about this when I realized that half of them are love songs. (Some of them are pretty sad love songs, be warned!)

So here is my surprise, romantic, love-themed EP for Valentine’s Day. It’s five songs long, but one of them is just a live version of the other. I didn’t do anything but put up what I had. It should almost be called a demo.

I’m writing more songs, always writing more songs, but I’ll just let them become what they become this time.

I hope you like the music.


released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Empty Disco Raleigh, North Carolina

they / them pronouns
i will photograph you ~daydream scientist~ & ukulele enthusiast

most often compared sonically to kimya dawson and lyrically to the mountain goats.

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Track Name: Oh, Scarlett
Oh Scarlett (Lyrics)


Scarlett oh scarlett
You've led me on too long
I don't dare say I don't care so
I'll just sing my song

(repeat twice in later verses)

The day that I first laid my eyes on
Your convincing smile
My heart it walked right out my chest
and stayed with yours a while
I didn't say a paragraph
before you looked at me
My heart it stopped but before long
you had looked away

He was handsome
He was just a little shorter, he was younger he was miserable
and just a little poorer but you
loved him, you loved this man to shame
You looked at him, then back to me, and it was not the same.


I asked my girl to marry me I asked her like a man
A diamond ring down on one knee she nodded, said "good plan"
I knew she loved me just enough to sign her life away
Oh scarlett, oh scarlett why'd you agree to stay

When he-- when he was all you wanted
why me-- why do you have to haunt me scarlett
we-- we could have had it made, but
I was yours and you were his and that was how it stayed


I never knew how heartbreak felt untill I married you
Some part of me thought it would be like heart gorilla glue
It didn't mean like anything that he couldn't be yours too
Oh Scarlett he was Melanie's and she was his wife don't you see?
Oh Scarlett he was Melanie's and she just wasn't you.

I woke up every morning with a horror in my chest
When I say I woke up darling you never let me rest
Scarlett we were both trying, I know you tried your best
But you never tried to forget him so--- I forget the rest...


It's a feeling like fire, fires that you can't escape
Or how you feel when you come home to yellow caution tape
Scarlett I put that fire out, I put my heart away----
It hurt too much to keep around; I'm filled to brim with gray

Full of ashes--
And then you came a knockin'-- got your senses
Knocked into you too late
I'd waited-- I'd waited for years oh scarlett
I just didn't care oh scarlett why'd you make me wait.
I just don't give a damn oh scarlett your love came too late.

Scarlett oh scarlett
You led me on too long
I don't dare say I don't care
I love you enough to write you a song

Scarlett oh scarlett
What you did was wrong, but
I can't say that I don't care
There's a little love somewhere
Scarlett treat me right this time
Heaven I'll meet you there
Scarlett treat me right this time
Heaven I'll meet you there.
Track Name: First Year
I was in love and you were understood how
could that be anything but good I
knew all your beauty marks and knew all your flaws how
did I end up between two jaws?
Now I'm a ghost the ghost who haunts her
your mouth was warm but you're not a monster
Now I'm a hypocrite all grown up now
you are the tea leaves in my tea cup.
oooh-- now I understand, stepping back from those old plans
fresh off a trip polaroids still faded
Hard sweet amber, I'm still jaded.
I can see the world it's a cool new place
but it's quiet and cold here in outer space.
You can call me doctor, you can call me captain
looking through the glass in real time action
Came to see the meteor streak through past
and I left foggy breath on the window glass.
Clouds like Judy sings like candy
Princess stories come in handy
Astronauts and firefighters were so cool
But the cold war and factories invented school
oooooh-- now I understand, but I love spreadsheets and holding hands
fingers are gloves or a globe on a t-shirt
big happy smiles make my face hurt.
Sometimes I'd ask when I'd feel lost
Were those things really a part of me
I like spreadsheets tallying costs
But I'll ask that to the amber trees.
Boxes boxes numbers numbers/ I sure missed those as a plumber
I saw houses kitchen sinks/ I met real people and they made me think.
ooooh--- gather round the table
space station thanksgiving are we able
Those bad feelings were our fathers' fight
We are new people in brand new daylight
Smile eat and let things go we were all a little wrong and we'll keep being so.
There are feelings there is knowledge
I learned a lot in my first year of college
I get intense and I get stuck and my grades are mostly google and good luck.
I thought I knew you cover and back but I always skipped the chapter with the shark attack
Now I can name it, Carcharodon but
my sharks need wrinkles from now on.
Slow slow moonwalks, waking up to dawn
drinking tea and taking breaths and remembering I'm wrong.
Slow morning walks wet grass lawn--
I don't wonder anymore where I've gone.

Slow slow growing, waking up alone
drinking tea and taking walks and knowing that I'm wrong.
Track Name: It's About More Than That
"This is not about pets"
G, D7 -- F, ~Dm7, C

There was a girl with fingers like bird bones
whose eyelashes made my heart beat in time with her
legs running round in big circles, with the dark circles under her eyes
And I built her a nest in the crook of my neck and I just wanted her to be mine.
She would flutter her wings as I'm watching
She would catch every other big breeze
But the girl was as light as her feathers
Her feathers as blue as the sea oh oh
She flew away from me.
I watched her fly far away from my rowboat, just struggling to stay afloat,
Took in a big breath and I grimaced and said I said I told you so oh oh
I said I told you so.
There was a girl I met on the savannah, I was trying to capture a tree,
We traded our names I said I like your mane and we both said we liked the light breeze
oh we both said we liked the light breeze
Her coat was like gold longiflora, her smile would twinkle my eyes
I gave her a pat then kept stroking her back just as soft as the clouds in the sky oh oh
as soft as the clouds in the sky
she said hey, let's find out what's next
so I buried my face where her chin meets her neck
and the air filled my lungs like the cleanest I'd breathed
smelled like hay, like clean clothes and pumpkin spice tea
like those roses I got her while she was asleep and
it filled up all the pockets in me
everyone breathe in
Sometimes I'm surprised by the look in her eyes
like she likes what she sees even though she's inside and
I'm always amazed when I see what she's kept
Cause this isn't about who you keep as your pets
oh this isn't about having pets.
I'm not sure what I am or with whom I will live
The phrase spirit animal's appropriative
I've kissed tigers and sharks and I once had a rabbit but
I think y'all are more than my metaphor, but
I'll smile at her and we'll roar.