This Is Just For Practice

by Empty Disco

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"My first album. Just what the title says. This is new to me, but was a lot of fun."


released July 9, 2011



all rights reserved


Empty Disco Raleigh, North Carolina

they / them pronouns
i will photograph you ~daydream scientist~ & ukulele enthusiast

most often compared sonically to kimya dawson and lyrically to the mountain goats.

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Track Name: Paths and Choices
A wise Greek man once asked another
"Should a man be considered equal to his brother?"
"Older or younger?" The other replied:
"That shouldn't be the real issue." He sighed.
They streamlined the wisdom and fed it through looms
Now they wrap us all up in the woven cocoons.
While my coat's soft and warm, we've evolved out of hair
And can't grow our own winter coats out of thin air.
We shave it all off, whatever hair grows
Cause it's hard to keep up and it catches in clothes.
But we patch holes quite well, and starting in youth
We're soaked in the brine of societal truth.
Which, while still true, and warm enough for health
Just can't beat wisdom that is grown by yourself.
Track Name: (waiting for my soul)
Sitting quietly, very quietly, in a wooden chair
with a hard back.
Like a jungle member I watch and wait
for pretty soon my soul will creep out from wherever it is hiding,
towards the wooden chair in the middle of the jungle.

I love her because she has a soul.
I love people in general- sometimes they have caught ten
and sew them together to wear like fur coats
and sit by the fire and drum.
When their arms move the souls flap and bunch up.
The old ones become a thing else, the thing I want to be.

We paint our faces
and dance around trees, naked as anything.

Some of us won't ever find our souls
but instead, through the dances round and round,
life will spatter through us in bursts like some kind of spin art,
Once you stop you'll find yourselves.

But she is the Rothko to your Pollock.

And I, naked as anything, sit in my chair
and wait.