by Empty Disco

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An album about love and being really, really awkward.

Recorded in my Charlotte, North Carolina bedroom and the wrestling room at Myers Park High School. Full of confusion and hope for the future, and all that.


released May 7, 2012

Thanks to Mom for the photo, Shenika and Aidan for helping with the Gandhi song, and Jamie for lending her ears in beta-testing



all rights reserved


Empty Disco Raleigh, North Carolina

they / them pronouns
i will photograph you ~daydream scientist~ & ukulele enthusiast

most often compared sonically to kimya dawson and lyrically to the mountain goats.

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Track Name: Prom
Weeelll there
once was a boy, oh boy a boy who had a favorite friend and
that friend was a girl what a girl was a girl
That he wanted to ask to prom
Their re--lationship was chill
You're moronic, just platonic
But he really wanted to ask her so
He asked all of his friends
his other friends
to help ask her to prom.
Well one tall and skinny guy had a florist's eye
and helped him pick out flowers
And a ginger-haired girl
With a laugh and a twirl
Agreed to let him use her car
And I was there too
They picked me up at noon
My job was to take pictures
But I also staked out
Where the girl had gone
She hadn't gone too far
So I chilled in her house
Like a mouse in her house
And enlisted her sister
Who agreed to help out
With a happy shout
Agreed to help the mister
So we waited a while
Well it felt like a while
Until the girl got home,
then the boy rang the bell
And her mother said well and he said
Can I see her?
Is she here yet?
She came to the door
To the open door
and he gave her the flowers
And she jumped up and down
Like a circus clown
And them smiled for hours
He texted his mom
That she'd said yes
She said congratulations
and his prom date's dad
Her mom and her dad
Asked me if he was OK.
I said yes, how could I have not said yes, this guy's the bomb dot com
and the girl and her sister and her other friends
And her dad and her dog and her mom all said
They're going, They're going, to prom.
Track Name: Darling
I love the word darling-- cause it feels like a vintage postcard from far-- away
like a black and white movie Where Jinny Stewart saves the day
Thank you darling-- Like in old big band music like both the Fitzgeralds and curls
Like garters and stockings... He called me his darling girl

We have the word babe. Someday it will sound just as quaint as I think I might faint / honey you're swooning
And our kids will think that all our games were cute but much to tame-- they'll all be mooning
We'll yell what are you doing? And in our distress we will hold hands at last
I'll be normal against this new trend put your pants on my friend oh I hope this will pass
But it won't, and we will, we'll rent condos, sit still
Rock on chairs cause we like them and i love you bill
used to think that old couples were weird
and all parents were lame now I see that they're comfortable tame
is a nice word I used to like lions now I show them to children in books and I feel unashamed

And I'll have a daughter. She'll come to realize
I was once just as awkward as her and she'll laugh and feel mighty
read Plath and say you liked this stuff
And I'll say quite enough!
High school not bad, you smarty
I know all boys are stupid
But they will get better
this overcast weather
it's not awful
For somee people it's raining
pouring in their kitchen
Open up and just listen
Go journal-- come back in two hours and I'll bet you ten dollars that you will be fine

Because some of it sucked
I lived under a rock
So do you cause I raised you
Which is why you're tough
And my daughter will know me that is if I have one
If I want to be mom then I won't be a bad one
I'm building a life yeah I'm starting right now
and I'll find my fufillment I'll figure out how
I won't become my mother
But I will be assured that
If you want to describe me in
four-syllable words
I'll take interesting
and I feel just like her.
All new words are awkward-- and I bet in the forties
Darling tripped out of tongues just like me--
Even if I'm not tonguing
I'll be confident some day
I'll be a cool cute, non-awkward parent.
Track Name: Robot
Everybody is a robot
The same laws govern everybody
Like when to beep and when to squeak
when to tell puny humans to run and flee
Everybody is a robot
Privy to their robot code
That tells them all when to eat and when to dream
and how to deal with it when their robot hearts explode

But I missed a lesson back in robot school when we were young
I must have been reading Harry Potter or the science of the sun
I never made it to that party that you see when you think of young
Not being a good robot isn't much fun

And since the point of robots is respecting code and rules and space
and since my idea of the rules is sort of all over the place
I couldn't navigate a ship, or if I tried I'd lose the race

I'm sorry I am not a robot
I'm sorry I'm not a robot
I don't know how to be a robot
Like you all seem to
Can't you tell I'm not a robot
Do I want to be a robot
And do everything the other robots do?

Like build relationship effectively with confidence
And find your way to other people's homes
Like dance well at big parties and know how to french kiss
Without feeling just as sexy as a robot garden gnome
Or fall into temptation that is stagnant creativity
And really caring what your parents say
Not saying it's not effective, robots are super effective
But maybe their life isn't just a big partay

I'm still sorry I'm not a robot
I'm sorry I'm not a robot
I don't know how to be a robot
Like you all seem to
Can't you tell I'm not a robot
Do I want to be a robot
And do everything the other robots do?

On the other hand, I've heard from all my
demi-robot cyborg friends
that still manage to get a date to prom (after freaking out about it)
that what I'm feeling is quite normal as in
them every day normal and
all robots walk around feeling kind of horrible

So maybe I'm a robot tree
My growth was stunted, but happy
I got enlightenment from awkward angles
They say it but I don't believe
I'm cool enough to be a sideways tree
And anyway, what robot boy would date me
Cause instead of nuts and bolts half of my branches are for leaves
Cause instead of plunger guns, all my branches shoot happy
Cause instead of giggling I laugh till I can't breathe

They say he can be a tree too but
That still leaves me feeling overdue
Like apparently I'll grow into a person just like you
And the whole thing rubs me the wrong way like
Some people have always been OK at
Doing things that all robots can do.
But I like my hinges to be greasy and
I dream of journaling on fleet street
replace this bumpy bark with something new
But even though I'm starting to like coffee
and even though my new friends make me happy
I don't feel like a robot just like you.

Maybe that means I'm a robot
But I don't feel like a robot
I guess that's how other robots feel too
Nobody thinks that they're a robot
Or that makes them a weird robot
Can I be in weird robot love with you?
Or is that not how you do it?